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About Us

Our Mission

The Chamber seeks to develop, enable, promote, and protect the interest of all Guam businesses.

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for sustainable economic growth that improves the quality of life in Guam.


  • Grow and sustain a vibrant local economy
  • Advocate, develop and support a strong workforce
  • Provide access to programs to help grow businesses
  • Increase awareness of local businesses & importance of the private sector in the community
  • Sustain and grow the Chamber membership

Throughout the world people have awakened to the importance of the system of free enterprise - a system of private individuals working in the freedom of the market place in competition with each other, creating wealth and employment, for society and providing the basis for stability. The private sector must find solutions for society's needs. Proposals to encourage and enable more Guamanians to work, prosper, save, invest and realize their ambitions can only come from an organization that is free from bureaucracy and where every member has a say.

The Guam Chamber is such an organization. It is a voluntary organization. Strong because of an extensive membership, united in its goals of advancing the general welfare and prosperity of Guam, and guided by its Code of Ethics. With only three employees, it has no bureaucracy to strangle proposals, but rather encourages membership input.

Businesses sometimes fail to recognize the fact that the Chamber of Commerce is their salesman and watchdog - unceasingly promoting their products and services while at the same time protecting their interests. This is particularly important in the political arena, where a single voice can go unheard, but the collective, united voice of the Chamber of Commerce has often proven effective and beneficial to business.

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